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Eating Disorder Recovery

Eating Disorder Recovery

I am qualified and experienced in supporting clients to recover from Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge Eating Disorder and ARFID. I can also support you if you have a troubled relationship with food but don’t fit into a diagnostic category or have never received a diagnosis. You don't need a diagnosis to be worthy of help!

I pride myself on tailoring my service to the needs and goals of the individual. I can offer meal plans and detailed dietary guidance. With many of my clients we work on challenging food fears and rules around food.

For restrictive eating disorders I can support weight gain to get to where your body naturally wants to sit. I can also support the restoration of menstrual periods.

With Binge Eating Disorder I support my clients to identify triggers and fuel themselves well to reduce the binges.

For all of my clients I give actions in between sessions so that the work is consistent and allows you to meet your goals. I recommend weekly or fortnightly sessions to best support your progress with recovery.

Food freedom

Food freedom

Food freedom is the ideal end point of healing your relationship with food.

Many people have a difficult relationship with food due to years of dieting, or growing up in a culture that praised weight loss and thinness. I adopt an anti-diet stance and choose to focus on health and quality of life, as opposed to numbers on a scale. The scientific evidence also supports this.

My philosophy is that all foods fit and that all bodies are worthy.



I have a particular interest in vegan nutrition, as I am vegan myself for animal rights and environmental reasons.

I have supported previous clients to understand how to best fuel themselves on a vegan diet, with a nutrition-MOT style consultation.

I have also supported many vegans who also have eating disorders. This is a specialism of mine and I firmly believe that you can recover from an eating disorder while being vegan, it just requires a well planned diet to minimise the risk of deficiencies and honest reflection about your motivations.

I have a catalogue of vegan recipes which are free from diet talk and calorie/macro information. You can check these out here.

Regain your period

Regain your period

I understand how stressful it can be to lose your period. It can happen for many reasons such as dieting, stressful lifestyles and over-exercising. Many people may not be able to identify any reasons why this has happened!

The medical term for losing your period is Amenhorrea. I utilise evidence based methods to support you to get your period back, to maximise your health and fertility, learn understand your body and how to best look after it!

Clinic Information

This is a remote service, we are based in the UK but can take on clients who live in other parts of the world. The sessions are over video call and communication in-between sessions is via email.

Appointment duration:
Initial consultation – 60 minutes 

Follow up consultation- 40 minutes 

Please note that appointments are subject to availability. Please enquire for available clinic slots.

Payment structure

2024 Clinic Rates

Initial consultation with Sophie


Initial with associate dietitian


Follow up consultation with Sophie


Follow up with associate dietitian