Veganism and Eating Disorders: Physical health

Is it physically possible to recover from an eating disorder while vegan? The short answer is yes, but it requires careful planning. If you have a restrictive eating disorder and you are vegan, then you almost certainly require dietitian input, which unfortunately is not widely available on the NHS. Let’s dive into some of the […]

Veganism and Eating disorders

For some time, clinicians have observed an increase in the number of eating disorder patients presenting as being vegan. There is evidence to support that there is a greater number of vegans within an ED population compared to the general population. An Australian study back in 2012 (1) found that 52% of ED patients had […]

Hangry, a case for regular eating

As a child, I frequently observed a common pattern of behaviour in my Dad. We would go out for the day, perhaps to a theme park or to the shops. At a predictable time in the afternoon my Dad would become irritable and snappy. We soon associated this behaviour with Dad being hungry or ‘hangry’. […]