Extreme Hunger in ED Recovery

Extreme hunger in ED recovery   What is it?   Extreme hunger is a common experience during eating disorder recovery. After a long period of restriction, the body needs and wants a greater amount of food, so you feel a spike in hunger. It can feel like all of a sudden you are starving all […]

Nutrition and ADHD : Diet and Executive Function


So you’re looking for ways to help support your ADHD or your child’s through diet and nutrition. Excellent idea. As a dietitian who specialises in mental health, I know that the food you eat can have a huge impact on focus, concentration, and impulse control. Making some simple changes to your diet and lifestyle could […]

Free help to support you through eating disorder recovery

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Eating disorder recovery is tough especially while on a waiting list. To support you through this I have collated a list of UK Charities and free online resources that you can utilise while you are waiting.   Charity support Talk ED offer a befriending service, you self-refer via an online form and can access a […]

What is ARFID: A Less Commonly Understood Eating Disorder

Sad woman looking at her food and having no appetite while sitting at dining table.

What is ARFID?   Have you ever heard of ARFID? It might sound complicated or confusing, but it is a newly defined eating disorder that has actually always existed It’s an important condition to understand, especially in the realm of eating disorders and mental health. ARFID stands for Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder. Traditionally ARFID was […]

Should I be worried about Ultra Processed Foods ?

Healthy food versus processed food concept. Strawberry donut and a fruit.

Ultra-processed foods The definition of an “ultraprocessed” food is ambiguous, it is based on a classification system called NOVA, but is not objectively defined. This has meant that studies looking at “ultra-processed foods” have grouped foods differently. Examples of “ultra-processed” foods: Slice bread, baked beans, fortified foods, baby formula. It is important to note that […]

The Impact of Having an “Almond Mom”

Introduction In today’s world, young women face many challenges when it comes to their relationship with food, body image, and self-worth. Online, especially on Tiktok, the concept of an “Almond Mom” has emerged. As a registered dietitian and expert in eating disorder recovery I want to break down the ‘Almond Mom’ phenomenon and discuss the […]

Check Your Relationship with Exercise

In today’s image-focused society, our relationship with exercise can sometimes become complicated, particularly for young men and women. The BBC estimates that 1 in 10 men in gyms have a condition named ‘bigorexia’, a form of body dysmorphia that drives excessive exercise with an aim to become as muscular and lean as possible. Workout videos […]

A Dietitian’s review of the Glucose Goddess Method

What is the Glucose Goddess method? The Glucose Goddess method is a book/ diet created by biochemist Jesse Inchauspe for controlling blood glucose. The book shares a 4-week programme, that involves different hacks for managing blood glucose such as having a savoury breakfast, drinking vinegar before eating, eating food in a certain order. Inchauspe states […]

How to Nourish Your Relationship with Food

In our diet-focused world, it’s important to foster a healthy and balanced relationship with food. If you’re struggling with disordered eating, it can be challenging to navigate your way back to a healthy and positive connection with what you eat. This blog is your guide to understanding your mindset around food and offers valuable insights […]

The truth about processed foods

The term ‘processed’ when referring to foods is an incredibly broad and ambiguous definition. It means the food has been altered in some way. You may think of Spam or Krispy Kreme doughnuts, but it also includes tinned tomatoes, tofu and olives. Did you know that olives must be processed? They are too bitter to […]